Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any tips for addressing resident engagement, equity, and inclusiveness?

As you write your narrative, you might want to address the following:

a. Describe the demographics of your target population.

b. In your budget narrative, if you include such a document, describe how and what percentage of funds from The Denver Foundation will be used for resident engagement and inclusiveness and equity activities, such as hiring a consultant, trainings for staff, board, and/or volunteers, translation and interpretation services, education support and training/development programs, resident/constituent focus groups, childcare, transportation or other services to support resident/constituents who otherwise may not be able to participate, etc.

c. In the Collaboration section, include information about partnerships with resident groups, organizations rooted in communities of color, community organizing groups, and others that advance equity.

d. Describe your approach to learning and feedback in the evaluation section and/or evaluation attachment., including information about resident/constituent feedback. 

e. In the Board section, include information about resident and constituent participation on the board, advisory committees, or in other governing capacities.

These are all taken from examples we’ve seen used in strong proposals.  These are not requirements, but items that can help provide a fuller picture of your organization and its work in regards to resident engagement, equity, and inclusiveness, in addition to your responses to the four questions asked by The Denver Foundation.