Zink Family Scholarship

The Zink Family Scholarship encourages the continued education of professionals seeking to work within the Special Education field. Each year, The Denver Foundation asks selected schools to nominate students for the award. 

The award may be applied to the student’s total cost of attendance. A student may receive the award from this fund more than one time. 

Additional information

Please note that scholarship money from this fund must be applied to a student’s unmet need. In no event shall this award reduce the amount of financial aid or support that would be provided to a student if this funding were not available. 

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About the donor

Kiera and Lee Zink know what a difference skilled specialists and educators can make in the lives of children with unique needs. Their four-year-old daughter, Jordan, has deeply benefited from the highly skilled educators at the Anchor Center for Blind Children. That’s why, with support from their extended family, they established the Zink Family Scholarship Fund at The Denver Foundation. The fund provides financial support for the advanced study of special education. 

Learn more about the Zink Family in “The House That Love Built,” featured in the Winter 2020 issue of Give Magazine, a former publication of The Denver Foundation.