Jill Iman

Director of Engaged Learning

Pronouns: she/her

Come to Jill for questions about the foundation’s approach to learning and evaluation, information related data collection activities, stakeholder feedback methods, to discuss the foundation’s efforts to apply an equity lens to all projects, and to explore and reimagine the impact of a community foundation.

As the Director of Engaged Learning, Jill is leading the learning and evaluation strategies across the Foundation through translating the Foundation’s vision for social change into an evaluation framework that contributes to a better understanding of progress and impact. Jill identifies as an analytical idealist and has more than 14 years of research, evaluation and planning experience within academia, nonprofit and government. Jill holds a B.A. and M.S. in Psychology and a PhD in Social Psychology. When not working, she enjoys traveling, finding opportunities to watch sports and chasing her young daughter around parks.


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