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Your clients want to have an impact with their charitable giving. ES The Denver Foundation can help. ES

With nearly 100 years of service to generous people, The Denver Foundation offers a variety of charitable giving vehicles to help your clients achieve their financial, charitable, and business goals. ES

To learn more, please contact Ben Perry, Director of Advisor Programs and Charitable Planning,, 303.885.7202. ES

“Denver Foundation is a trusted advisor, an ally, and a partner in this journey of working with clients. ES I know that when I put my clients in The Denver Foundation’s hands, they are going to be supported and given sage advice as to how their philanthropic dollars are best used.” ES

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Services for your Clients ES

It is easy to help your client establish a personal charitable fund, and the task can be completed in just a few days.

Learn more about donor-advised funds.

For donor-advised funds of $1 million or more, the Advisor-Managed Fund offers donors the option of having their trusted financial advisor invest and manage the charitable assets in their fund. 

The Advisor-Managed Fund is particularly appealing to donors who are transferring assets from a private foundation or who have experienced a liquidity event, such as the sale of a business or an inheritance, and want their existing advisors to manage the charitable assets. Donors may also recommend an advisor when establishing a testamentary fund, creating a charitable legacy today that lasts beyond a lifetime.

Contact us about setting up an advisor-managed fund.

Is your client thinking about making a complex charitable gift? With smart planning, you can help them make a gift that will benefit the causes they care about for years to come.

Learn more about estate and planned giving.

We can assist your clients and their families with philanthropic planning to meet their charitable and financial goals. We can also create a giving vehicle that best suits their needs.

We have a complete tax update service for CPAs, attorneys, CLUs, CFPs, ChFCs, trust officers, and other professional friends. GiftLaw services are made available to all advisors as a free service. We are also available to assist in providing clear and understandable gift illustrations for your clients.

If your client has a private foundation, they may be interested in learning the benefits of transferring it to a fund at The Denver Foundation. Some people become overwhelmed with the management and fees associated with their foundation.They need a simpler solution.

Two effective approaches to consider are setting up a donor-advised fund or becoming a supporting organization. Each allows your client to remain involved in grantmaking, if that is their desire. At the same time, they will be able to ensure that their intent, name, and pattern of charitable giving are maintained — in perpetuity, if they wish.

Donors with their own private foundations with $5 million in assets, or the potential to reach $5 million in the future , can become a supporting organization at The Denver Foundation. Besides easing the administrative and cost burdens of managing a private foundation, transferring it to The Denver Foundation permits donors to take advantage of many aspects of our public charity status. Typically, the private foundation’s assets form a permanent donor-advised fund under a similar name.

Contact us about becoming a supporting organization.

We can “run the numbers” for you. Many clients seek giving opportunities that provide capital gains savings; an income tax deduction; and a lifetime income for the donor, donor’s spouse, or another individual. We can provide not only the tax deductions that are available to your clients but illustrations, a brief description of the gift plan, and annual cash flow projections.