Alma M. Poe Scholarship

The Alma M. Poe Scholarship assists low-income students from Denver who have unmet financial need and are studying full-time to complete a college degree. Each year, The Denver Foundation asks selected schools to nominate students who meet the criteria listed below for an award.  

Each partner university nominates 3-4 students and recommends a scholarship amount for each. Partner universities can divide the available amount equally among the nominated students or recommend a different scholarship amount for each student. No individual award can be greater than $2,000. A student can receive a scholarship from this fund more than once.  

Additional information

Scholarship awards will be paid to the Financial Aid Office and can be used toward tuition, fees, required books & supplies, room & board, and other direct educational expenses. Please note that scholarship money from this fund must be applied to a student’s unmet need. In no event shall this award reduce the amount of financial aid or support that would be provided to a student if this funding were not available.