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Spring 2023 Noteworthy

Learning and Impact Reports

With the launch of the strategic framework in 2021, The Denver Foundation embraced being a learning organization, emphasizing a focus on using data and evidence to inform our decision-making and our work. Our learning framework. This framework outlines our “theory of philanthropy”—a collection of our hypotheses about how the work we are doing as a community foundation will contribute to the movement toward our vision. The framework also outlines the types of data and evidence we will look to in order to better understand if our hypotheses are playing out. In the spirit of transparency, you can find our first-ever learning report and impact reports here.

Impact Report: 2022 Civic Fabric Voter Engagement 

2022 Learning Report

Denver Immigrant Legal Services Annual Report

The Denver Immigrant Legal Services Fund was established in March 2018 as a special project fund at The Denver Foundation. Its purpose is to increase legal services to Denver’s immigrant community by providing qualified nonprofit organizations with grants to offer direct legal representation to immigrants in detention and/or subject to removal proceedings; provide affirmative relief to individuals seeking help with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and various visa programs; and support capacity building or other innovative projects to help organizations increase the pool of pro bono or low bono immigration attorneys available to represent immigrants.

2022 Denver Immigrant Legal Services Fund Annual Report (COMING SOON)

2021 Denver Immigrant Legal Services Fund Annual Report

2020 Denver Immigrant Legal Services Fund Annual Report

Meeting the Moment: A 2020 Report to the Community

Our new report, Meeting the Moment: A 2020 Report to the Community, illustrates how The Denver Foundation has brought people together in this time of crisis, pooled resources, and put them to immediate use.

Community foundations are uniquely equipped for times like these. As this report makes clear, every aspect of our work has accelerated since the pandemic took root in our community. We listened deeply to understand the community’s most essential needs. In partnership with our generous donors, we activated our Critical Needs Fund to meet them.

Our fundholders responded with similar urgency, dispatching more than $46 million to hundreds of nonprofit organizations helping people in Colorado and across the country stay safe and healthy.

Download The Full Report 

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