Collective Giving

Amplify your impact.

Giving circles and affinity groups help democratize philanthropy, welcoming people of all giving levels to the power of giving. 

Giving circles and affinity groups connect individuals who donate their money to pooled funds shared with other donors. The donors decide together which nonprofit organizations or community projects to support. Through the process, donors build strong connections and increase their engagement in the community.

Giving circles and affinity groups at The Denver Foundation support the community through the 5 T’s: time, talent, treasure, testimony, and social ties. Their collective efforts have resulted in the investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours.

Through Elevating Philanthropy in Communities of Color (EPIC), The Denver Foundation supports communities of color in their philanthropic endeavors. With funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the EPIC program seeks to recognize and grow philanthropy in communities of color. EPIC offers shared learning opportunities, provides tools to support giving and connects philanthropists of color to work collectively toward positive community change.

To learn more about the EPIC program, please contact Genevieve Laca at or 303.300.1790.


EPIC Giving Circles

The Asian American and Pacific Islander Circle

The Asian American and Pacific Islander Circle is the first of its kind. This charitable fund at The Denver Foundation was built with the resilience of the many Asian, Indian, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities in mind and how we strengthen our unique communities and cultures through intentional community investment. Visit this webpage to learn more about this giving circle. To inquire about how to join The Asian American and Pacific Islander Circle, please submit this form.


Denver African-American Philanthropists (DAAP)

Denver African-American Philanthropists (DAAP): Black Men Giving with a Purpose is a circle of men committed to giving their time, talent, treasure, trust, and testimony back to the Black community in Metro Denver. The men of DAAP have adopted a code of operation as a guide to help maximize their impact and promote the narrative, “We are Philanthropists.” Interested in joining DAAP? Apply for membership here. Check out DAAP on Facebook.



LatinasGive! is a circle of women who share both their heritage and a love for taking action in the community. Check out LatinasGive! on Facebook.


Latinos Impacting our Future Together (L.I.F.T.)

Latinos Impacting our Future Together (L.I.F.T.) supports and empowers Colorado communities by elevating identity, awareness, and culture through philanthropy. L.I.F.T. is a group of men who have chosen to use their time to serve the Latino community in various capacities, their talents to impact the community, and their treasure to support the amazing work done by nonprofit organizations uplifting the Latino community. Learn more at


Women of Color Making a Difference

Women of Color Making a Difference is a philanthropic giving circle motivated by making an intentional and impactful difference in communities of color. To learn more about this giving circle, contact Genevieve Laca at


Other Giving Circles

Denver Reparations Fund

The Denver Reparations Fund, facilitated by Reparations Circle Denver and granted through the Denver Black Reparations Council, is a philanthropic home for Americans of European descent who recognize that their wealth has roots in the enslavement of Africans in the United States, and/or that they have enjoyed financial advantages due to systemic inequities and policies that have benefited white Americans at the expense of Black Americans for generations.

For information about joining the Fund for Reparations Affinity Group, please email Genevieve Laca at or call 303.300.1790.


Affinity Groups

Environmental Affinity Group

The Environmental Affinity Group (EAG) is a group of more than 25 donors who pool resources to build a sustainable Colorado through high-impact, informed philanthropy. The group’s mission is to create a network of engaged and effective environmental philanthropists to collectively identify, promote, and support environmental action on Colorado’s wide range of issues. Read a brief summary of the EAG’s grant history

To learn how to join the EAG, please email or call 303.300.1790 and ask to speak with Julie Voyles.


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For more information on collective giving or to inquire about joining an affinity group at The Denver Foundation, please call 303.300.1790 and ask to speak to a member of the Engaged Philanthropy Group.

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