TDF Fund Manager

About TDF Fund Manager

TDF Fund Manager is The Denver Foundation’s online fund management portal. Along with efficiently recommending grants, TDF Fund Manager gives you access to your current balance, a recent record of contributions to and grants from your fund, and recent fund statements.

If you have a fund with us and are interested in creating an account on TDF Fund Manager or learning more, please contact or call 303.300.1790.


Your First Login

Fund advisors receive an email invitation to create an account on TDF Fund Manager. The email was sent to the primary email currently on record with The Denver Foundation.

Please note that the email invitation will come from the email

If you are not able to access the invitation, please email for assistance. We are happy to verify and/or update your primary email, and will immediately send a new email invitation to create your account.

Once you create your account, you will be able to log in with your username and password at your convenience.

  LogIn Email Example


Home, Contribution History, and Grant History

Your Home tab displays your current balance, fund advisors, and a high-level overview of your recent contributions and grants. From your fund’s home screen, you can toggle between tabs to view more information. 

On the Contribution History tab, you can review recent contributions to your fund, including the ID number for each gift. If your fund accepts contributions from others, you will see the name of everyone who has made a gift to your fund. 

The Grant History tab displays your grants over the last couple of years from two viewpoints: a Grantee Summary and a list of all Grants. The Grantee Summary table displays the number of grants and the total grant amount to each grantee. The Grants table shows you your grants history including date of grant, ID number, processing status, grant recipient, and the amount of the grant. 

Recommend a Grant

There are five options for initiating a grant recommendation. You can select your grant recipient from:

  • A drop-down list of previous grantees
  • A drop-down list of funds to which you have previously made a fund transfer gift
  • A drop-down list of highlighted funds and initiatives
  • A search form supported by GuideStar
  • A form for manual entry of the grantee information

After you submit your grant recommendation, The Denver Foundation will receive notification of your recommendation and process your grant. On the right side of the screen, you will see a list of your most recent grants including the processing status of requested grants.

Please watch the Recommend a Grant video below for a tutorial on recommending a grant.

Fund Statements and Documents

The Fund Statements and Documents tabs are used for document storage. You can browse your recent fund statements, and access documents such as your fund agreement, annual report, and Noteworthy, our publication for fundholders.