Strengthening Neighborhoods

We’re helping build community capacity.

We know that residents have the best insight into how to improve life in their communities. We also know that communities have many strengths, including their people, institutions, and public resources. That’s why our Strengthening Neighborhoods program supports residents in working together and leading solutions for their communities.


About the Program

Strengthening Neighborhoods was founded in 1996 in response to community input about how The Denver Foundation could expand its impact by investing in neighborhood and community capacity. To that end, Strengthening Neighborhoods makes $100 to $5,000 grants directly to projects and campaigns led by residents from BIPOC communities and communities with lower incomes throughout the seven counties of Metro Denver.


How to Apply

Strengthening Neighborhoods grants are available to groups located in the seven counties of Metro Denver. We prioritize projects and campaigns in communities where people have lower average incomes and in BIPOC communities.

If you are interested in applying, new guidelines and a new application will be forthcoming in early March. Please turn in your application at least eight weeks before your project or campaign starts. Applications are approved or declined within six weeks of receipt.

2021 Grant Update

The Denver Foundation has just launched a new strategic framework, this framework includes new grant priorities and timelines. New guidelines for applying for funding from Strengthening Neighborhoods will be available in mid-April. We look forward to sharing these new guidelines with you. Visit this page for more information and updates on our Strategic Framework. 

If you have any questions, please complete the contact form or contact David Portillo,

Meet Our Grantees

Rooted in Community-Centered Work: The Shift

Supported by Strengthening Neighborhoods, The Shift leadership program supports nonprofit partners with an appreciative, asset-based approach that builds on the strengths in communities. The Shift focuses on building strong trust, strong relationships, and lasting partnerships.