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Address and Directions


The Denver Foundation
1009 Grant Street
Denver, CO 80203

Phone 303.300.1790
Fax 303.300.6547

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Visitor parking is available on site and can be accessed via Grant Street or 10th Avenue.




You can enter and exit the parking lot gates on Grant Street and 10th Avenue. If the gates are closed, ring the bell at the gate entrance to be let in. We have 27 visitor spots available at Casa Grande and an additional three handicap spots. If you arrive and the parking lot is full, there is two-hour street parking available in front of the building.

To access Casa Grande via the main doors: You can enter through a front door on Grant Street, or a back door accessible through the parking lot. The back entrance offers a ramp to access the first floor.

To access the Leadership Center: You can enter from the 10th Avenue entrance. This entrance is to the left of the parking lot gate. Follow the black stairwell down to the entrance and ring the bell to be let in. If you need to stair-free access the  Leadership Center, we will provide access to the outdoor elevator (accessible via the parking lot).



Casa Grande is open to the public from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm. If you have a meeting outside of these hours, please ring the bell at the entrance to be greeted. The Leadership Center doors are on 10th Ave. They will be locked at all times. Please ring
the bell by the Leadership Center doors to be let in.


When you visit Casa Grande

All staff and visitors are required to check into the iPad located in front of the reception desk on the first floor. Checking into the iPad as a visitor will alert The Denver Foundation staff member you are here to see and they will come to meet you.

We only ask that visitors sign in upon arrival; you do not need to sign out as you leave. 

Visitors are welcome to wait in the reception lobby. There is a kitchen across from the seating area where visitors are welcome to coffee, tea, and water. Mugs and glasses are available in the cupboards. Restrooms are available on the other side of the first floor.

Will you need access to in-room technology such as a screen for making a presentation?  Please connect with The Denver Foundation staff member ahead of your presentation to discuss technology needs. We recommend all visitors bring their presentation materials on a USB; these can be used in most conference rooms at Casa Grande. ** Please note we do NOT
have Mac video adaptor cables available. **


COVID-19 Protocol

The visitors’ list collected on the iPad in the lobby will be used to conduct contact tracing if someone in the building tests positive for COVID-19.

Our staff is up to date on their COVID-19 vaccinations. Because of current transmission levels, we encourage all staff and visitors to wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status. Visitors whose COVID-19 vaccinations are not up-to-date are required to wear a mask during their visit.

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