Strategic Framework

Opening All Doors

Introducing The Denver Foundation’s New Strategic Framework

The Denver Foundation’s new Strategic Framework is designed to be the guiding light for the foundation over the next decade. Rather than a static road map, it is a flexible, living document that will evolve over the next 10 years, in response to changing community needs.

As its core, the Framework affirms The Denver Foundation’s commitment to centering racial equity and prioritizing community leadership, inside and outside the organization.

This Framework presents a commitment to bringing together donors and nonprofits and facilitating meaningful interactions across those constituencies. It establishes The Denver Foundation as a core Metro Denver leader that takes a strong position on public policy and uses data to support decision-making in the region. Under this framework, The Denver Foundation’s full range of assets is directed towards the mission to create excellence in all parts of the foundation’s work.

Answers To Your Questions

We’ll continue learning and listening to our community as we implement our new strategic framework. We encourage you to learn more, too. Below are some resources that provide a deeper look into what’s new, what to expect, and how you can co-create and partner with The Denver Foundation to build a better future for everyone in Metro Denver.


Reflecting On Our Progress

The most effective community foundations refine their strategies as the external landscape evolves and new lessons are learned. Our Impact Report provides key outcomes of The Denver Foundation’s previous 10-year strategic plan related to the three community-impact objectives and highlights innovative work and approaches.


Read Our Impact Report