John C. Ensslin Memorial Scholarship Fund

Supporting students committed to journalism

The purpose of the Denver Press Club‘s  John C. Ensslin Memorial Scholarship program is to support students who are committed and engaged in the field of journalism. An additional scholarship is awarded each year to a promising photojournalism student, under the Walter Baas Scholarship Program.  



Scholarships will be awarded once each year through a competitive process based on:

  • vision for the future
  • commitment to the field/passion for their work in journalism
  • quality of work
  • scholastic potential

NOTICE: By applying for the John C. Ensslin Memorial Scholarship, you are also being considered for one of the eight available Damon Runyon Scholarship awards of $1,500. The top applicant selected will be awarded the John C. Ensslin Memorial Scholarship of $3,000.

Additional information

Scholarship awards are one-time awards. The Denver Press Club awards eight scholarships at $1,500, and one scholarship at $3,000. The amounts awarded to a selected recipient may be used for tuition, fees, room, board, books, supplies, and any additional cost of attendance expenses. All scholarships will be paid directly to a recipient’s school and must be used for the upcoming academic year. Award disbursement is contingent upon the outside scholarship policies of a recipient’s college or university. Awards must be used during this upcoming academic year.

How to apply 

  1. Read through the eligibility to confirm you meet the requirements for the scholarship opportunity
  2. Prepare and submit the following items:
    1. Resume
    2. Academic transcript
    3. Two essays
      1. What kind of journalism do you admire and why?
      2. What do you see as your contribution to the field of journalism? What are your goals in the field? What would you do to keep yourself relevant in the rapidly changing industry?
    4. Three samples of work
      1. Upload three examples of your original journalism work, which can be print, photo, radio, video, or editorial cartoons.
      2. For illustrations as well as print and photojournalism, please upload your work as PDF or JPEG. For video and radio journalism, please provide a link to the piece where it can be accessed online.  
    5. One academic reference