Meet Angel: The Artist Behind The Cover of Noteworthy Winter 2021

March 8, 2021

The Winter 2021 issue of our donor newsletter Noteworthy features art from a talented local artist Angel, and community partner, Access Gallery. Keep reading to learn more about this featured artist.

Noteworth 2021 Cover
Winter 2021 Noteworthy cover featuring Angel’s art.

Angel is meticulous and his lines are precise.  The level of detail and technical aspect of his drawings are architectural in nature and you will often see juxtaposed linear structures with whimsical dragons hiding in plain sight in much of his work. 

A native of Denver, Angel graduated from Lincoln High School in 2018.  His teachers stated that he was a good student but all he ever really wanted to do was art.  He has been a studio artist with Access Gallery since 2015. Angel does a wide range of art commissions through the Gallery including drawing and painting people, houses, pets, and their favorite cities.  His passion is his art and he can spend hours getting lost in one piece that could take him weeks or even months to complete. When he is not working on a commission at Access Gallery he is often engaged in creating elaborate written languages based on runes he has created. Often stories of dragons will end up in his pieces and you need a code key to decipher what he has written. His thoughtful and helpful nature has made him a favorite at Access Gallery.


More Art from Angel

Angel Space HouseBuckhorn Color Corrected Copy


Angel Space Needle