Meet Jason Largey, chair of the Professional Advisors Council

July 11, 2023

Jason Largey is full of ideas around complex estate issues, big charitable goals, and places to give. It serves him well as a wealth strategist at RMB, an independent investment advisory firm in Cherry Creek.

His experience and connections made Largey the perfect person to serve as chair of The Denver Foundation’s Professional Advisors Council (PAC). For him, it felt like a perfect match because a lot of his network is rooted at the foundation, too.

“Partnering with a planned giving officer at The Denver Foundation can take the pressure off an advisor to have to know everything going on in the philanthropic sector,” said Largey. “Things change and trends change, so to have someone who’s doing that day in, and day out helps. We become a team of advisors.”

Largey feels strongly that professional advisors are better when they have resources like The Denver Foundation in their back pocket. “There are a lot of options to make charitable gifts. You can give directly to charitable organizations or start your own foundation and then there’s everything in between,” explained Largey.

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Pictured: Largey presenting on a panel at a Denver Foundation PAC event. Image by Amanda Tipton Photography.

It’s about keeping the authenticity of the charitable gift, but also getting creative with the ways you do it. “Some donors prefer more control than gifting directly to a charitable organization. Using a donor-advised fund allows donors time to decide where gifts should be directed, allowing the gifted amount to invest while the donor or the donor’s family decides which charitable organizations could benefit from a gift.” said Largey.

The Denver Foundation helps clients give in many ways. In addition to receiving cash donations, The Denver Foundation specializes in receiving donations of complex assets, including real and personal property, vehicles, privately held securities, business interests, cryptocurrency, and others. Gifts can support The Denver Foundation’s funds and programs, including an endowment, or donor-advised funds, field of interest funds, agency funds, and designated funds.

The Denver Foundation has one of the most experienced and expansive networks of professional advisors and partners in the state and is constantly sharing new resources and tools for people working in financial services. If you are a professional advisor who works with clients who may have charitable goals, consider joining the Professional Advisor newsletter and follow The Denver Foundation on social media to join the conversation. Here’s a Q&A with Jason Largey so you can get to know the President of the PAC a little better.

Tell me about your experience as a professional advisor?

I started my career as an attorney practicing in the areas of litigation and estate planning. After about 10 years I made a switch to the wealth planning field. Now, I’m more of a planning resource to wealth management clients. Instead of going directly to an estate attorney about estate or legacy questions, I work with the advisors at RMB to prepare clients to meet with their estate attorney. When clients have reviewed their legacy goals in conjunction with financial planning, it helps them be prepared to work with their estate attorney to create or update their estate plan.

How did you get into that world?

'Sometimes if I need to make a client introduction to someone from another profession outside of wealth management, I think about the fellow PAC members first.'
After about five years as an attorney in the Air Force JAG Corps, I drafted more than 2,000 wills for active duty and retired military families as part of the Air Force legal assistance program. When I separated from the Air Force, I practiced law in the litigation field. I found myself getting asked a lot about probate cases and realized that people with large estates and people with small estates have similar situations: They are looking to minimize potential conflicts as they pass down their wealth. There was a moment when everyone talked about the Baby Boomer generation and how it will be the largest concentration of assets to be transferred from one generation to the next. It used to be something that was coming, but now the great transfer of wealth is here. It’s exciting to be a part of that and make sure people know their options —Options that could keep conflict to a minimum with their family and loved ones and, if they’re philanthropic, trying to find causes they’re passionate about.

How did you get connected to The Denver Foundation?

Bill Schmidt and Ben Perry, The Denver Foundation’s senior director of philanthropic investments, invited me. It’s been really cool to be a part ever since. Instead of going through all the same old here’s how you work with The Denver Foundation, we’ve been working with people like Rachel Spory-Leek who’s the planned giving officer for the foundation. She’ll give us creative ideas of how to give back. For example, making gifts while you’re alive and having tax deductions while you’re alive, rather than waiting for after you’re passed. It’s things like that which are fulfilling to bring to people’s attention.

What can other people gain from the PAC?

It’s a great network of professional advisors. You wouldn’t join the PAC if you didn’t have some sort of philanthropic enthusiasm. The people who are involved are the kind of people who want clients to know more about the philanthropic sector in general. Sometimes if I need to make a client introduction to someone from another profession outside of wealth management, I think about the fellow PAC members first. There’s the networking side but also the collaborating side. You start to really understand the possibilities of being part of a network of people who are there to support you if you need help.

How have you deepened the relationship with The Denver Foundation and how has it benefited your business?

It seems like every time there’s a new event at The Denver Foundation, I meet someone new. I think the people who work with The Denver Foundation genuinely enjoy the work they do and it’s nice to be around that energy. I think if you’re doing good things and helping others along the way, it impacts everyone involved, including you.