Colorado Health Access Fund

The Colorado Health Access Fund (the CHA Fund) is a Field of Interest Fund managed by The Denver Foundation, which is entrusted to oversee its grantmaking and evaluation. Established in 2014 with an anonymous gift of $40 million, the Fund is dedicated to improving health outcomes for underserved Coloradans. Between 2015 and 2022, the fund was charged to distribute grants to increase access to health care and improve health outcomes for populations with high health care needs across the state. We are committed to allocating resources among rural, urban, and suburban areas in Colorado.

The Fund includes four focus areas for funding of behavioral health care projects:

  1. Education of those with high health needs, as well as their families and caregivers;
  2. Transitions in care;
  3. Innovation of care delivery; and
  4. Improved access to care, particularly in rural communities.

The intent of the Fund is to increase access to behavioral health care to Coloradans with high health care needs across the state. Those with high health care needs are defined as those who have an identified behavioral health issue and are a member of at least one of these populations that are known to be un/underserved:

  • Persons with multiple chronic or acute health conditions;
  • Persons impacted by racial health disparities;
  • Individuals enrolled in Health First Colorado;
  • Persons who lack health insurance coverage or have significant barriers to accessing coverage;
  • Persons who are experiencing homelessness;
  • Persons who are justice-involved;
  • Persons with a disability; and/or
  • Persons whose primary language is other than English.

View the most recent list of CHA grantees.

Download the 2020 Annual Evaluation Report-Executive Summary


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