White Rose Foundation Community Grant

Committed to improving the welfare of Denver's Black communities

The White Rose Foundation is the fiscal sponsor for the Denver (CO) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, a volunteer-powered organization of Black women who have served Denver’s Black community for over 70 years. The purpose of the White Rose Foundation is to promote, encourage, assist, and engage in any and all kinds of charitable work to improve the educational, social, and economic welfare of people of color and other disadvantaged persons.  The organization is especially focused on transformational programs that reduce educational inequality, increase access to social determinants such as food, housing, transportation, and leadership development for Black women, teens and girls.   


  • Your work must connect with the mission of our five priority areas: Arts & Culture, Healthy Lifestyles, College & Career Prep, STEAM, and Civic & Social Impact.  
  • Your organization must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization or have a 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor.
  • Your organization must have been in existence for at least 5 years.
  • Your organization must be located in or serve people who live in the Denver Metro area.
  • Priority will be given to organizations that support the Black community in Colorado.
  • If you are a previous grant recipient of the White Rose Foundation, you are required to submit a final report on the work you did with the grant funds before your organization can be considered for subsequent grants. The report should include information about any outcomes from the use of funds, number of people served, organizational partnership, and dollars spent.

Grant awards given in previous years are no guarantee of future grant awards.

Additional information

This funding opportunity has two grant cycles. The fall cycle applications are open from August 1- September 15, 2023. The spring cycle applications are open from Feb 1- March 15, 2024. 

  • In the area of education, the White Rose Foundation is responsive to the task of strengthening education at the primary and secondary school levels, with consideration given to selected higher education initiatives. Services include college scholarships for cross-cultural community interaction and philanthropic support of Black youth in the State of Colorado.
  • In the area of health and welfare, activities that promote a healthy heart, women’s wellness, tissue donor awareness, and mental health are given priority.
  • We support activities that promote equal opportunity, equity, diversity, advancement, and recognition for the Black community.
  • We will continue to support a wide range of worthy activities, including matching challenge funds in collaboration with other educational, civic, or cultural organizations encompassing national and international trends and the arts.
  • To assist with our learning and evaluation, please select your organization’s primary service area. Along with our priority areas, you will have the option to select “other.” and write in your primary service area. Your grant application will be evaluated according to fit with the guidelines and the goals of the White Rose Foundation.

About the donor

The White Rose Foundation, Inc, was founded in Denver, Colo., on January 17, 2007, by members of the Denver (CO) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, an organization of professional women of color that addresses disparities in the Black community. The foundation is a private 501(c)(3) entity formed for charitable and educational purposes. The incorporators were Ida S. Daniel, Sharon Daniels, MaryAnn Franklin, Tamika M. Pumphrey, and Sandra M. Roberts-Taylor.

The purpose of the White Rose Foundation is to promote, encourage, assist, and engage in any and all kinds of charitable work to improve the educational, social, and economic welfare of minorities and other disadvantaged persons. To that end, the White Rose Foundation supports and provides funding to the Denver (CO) Chapter’s programmatic Facets, including The Arts, Health and Human Services, International Trends and Services, National Trends and Services, and Services To Youth.