Introducing TDF Grant Manager

TDF Grant Manager is The Denver Foundation’s new online grant application portal. Upon creating an account, TDF Grant Manager gives you access to a listing of open funding opportunities, and any funding requests currently in progress, still requiring action, or awaiting a decision. 

Below you’ll find information to help you:

  • Create an account on TDF Grant Manager
  • Navigate the applicant dashboard
  • Apply for funding
  • Use the Collaborator feature

We strongly encourage applicants to watch the tutorial videos prepared by the TDF Grant Manager software provider, Foundant Technologies. Links to the videos are included below.

Go To TDF Grant Manager

Create an Account

Creating an account on TDF Grant Manager is a multi-step process.

  1. Begin by creating an account on TDF Grant Manager, start by visiting our logon page.
  2. Click the “Create New Account Button.” 
  3. Complete the five sections of information collection: Organization Information, User Information, Executive Officer Question, Additional Executive Officer Information, and Password.
  4. Confirm the email address you have used to successfully create your account.

View a walkthrough video of how to create an account provided by Foundant Technologies

Login Page 2

Navigate the Applicant Dashboard

Upon confirming your email address and creating your TDF Grant Manager account, you will be immediately taken to the “Apply” page. Click the house icon at the top of your page to access your organization’s “Applicant Dashboard.”

On the Applicant Dashboard page, you are able to review your contact information, your organization’s information, and all active and historical grant applications. If your organization’s information is incorrect, you can correct it during the grant application process or email for assistance.

View a walkthrough video of the Applicant Dashboard provided by Foundant Technologies.

Glm Home

Apply for Funding

Upon confirming your email address and creating your TDF Grant Manager account, you will be immediately taken to the “Apply” page. On this page, you will see any open grant opportunities listed under the “Quick Search” bar. This page will also show you any relevant deadlines and other applicable information related to them.

You can preview an application without having to complete any work by clicking on the “Preview” button. 

Completing an Application

  • If the form has a specific deadline it will be listed at the top of the form, to the left of the blue “Apply” button.
  • To begin filling out an application, click the blue “Apply” button in the top right corner of any open grant opportunity, clicking this button will take you into a form to complete and submit. Upon initiating an application, you assume the user role of “Applicant.”
  • Important: While in process, grant applications are tied to the user who is the Applicant, not the Organization. The Applicant has the option to invite others to play a Collaborator role. At the conclusion of the grant process (a grant award or decline), the application will be tied to the Organization’s grant history.
  • Once in the form, your contact and organization information automatically populates at the top of the form.
  • Please note that any fields with an asterisk are required fields and must be completed prior to submitting an application.
  • As you complete the form, the system will auto-save every 100 characters typed or every time you click out of a field.
  • File upload fields will only accept one file, per field. 
  • Upload fields have stated size limits. 
  • Upload fields may also have stated file type restrictions.
  • Once a file has been uploaded, it may be deleted by clicking the red “X” next to the file name and a new file can be uploaded.
  • When all of the fields are complete, submit the application.

Submitting an Application

  • If any required fields were not completed, or a response to a text question type is longer than the set limit, the system will not allow the form to be submitted.
  • An error message appears listing the fields that need to be completed or edited, these fields are outlined in red so they are easy to identify as the applicant scrolls through the form.
  • When a form is submitted successfully, the Applicant will be taken to a confirmation page.
  • Please note, once an application has been submitted you can no longer edit it.

View a walkthrough video of submitting an application provided by Foundant Technologies.

Collaborator Feature

The “Collaborator” feature allows multiple people to work together on a single grant application. With this feature, you can also add a new user to your Organization without contacting one of our administrators.

  1. Per the Apply for Funding section, the person who clicks “Apply” and begins the grant application form is assigned the user role of “Applicant.” For these instructions, we are presuming that you are the Applicant.
  2. Once you open the application form in the process, you’ll see the option to invite Collaborators to the request in the top right corner of the page.
  3. After you click “Collaborate,” you will see a pop-up prompt to enter the email address of the person you’re inviting to help you complete the application. Type your message for the invitation, and select the permission level (view, edit, or submit) for the Collaborator.
    1. View: The Collaborator can view the application.
    2. EditThe Collaborator can view and edit the application.
    3. Submit: The Collaborator can view, edit, and submit the application. Please note, once an application has been submitted you can no longer edit it. If a Collaborator with permission submits the application, you (the Applicant) cannot undo that decision.
  4. Within the Collaborate pop-up, you can also manage existing Collaborators. You can resend an invitation, change permission levels, or remove a Collaborator from your request. 
  5. If you are awarded a grant, you may receive follow-up requests such as completing a grant contract or submitting a final report. You can invite Collaborators to those forms as well.

View a walkthrough video of using the Collaborator feature provided by Foundant Technologies.

TDF Grant Manager Evaluator Guide

Evaluators include anyone who will be reviewing and scoring competitive applications. The following are instructions about how to create an account, sign into the portal, and evaluate applications. If you have additional questions about your fund or applications specifically, please contact your designated staff person at The Denver Foundation. If you have technical questions about the portal or issues logging in, please contact our support team at

  1. Go to TDF Grant Manager: 
    1. If you have never signed into TDF Grant Manager before: 
      1. Sign in with your email (the email you have provided to the foundation) and use the temporary password TheDenverFoundation1! 
      2. Immediately change your password when prompted. 
    2. If you have signed into TDF Grant Manager previously: 
      1. Sign in with your email and password. 
  2. On the evaluation dashboard, select the “Your Evaluations” tab. (If you ever need to get back to this view, click the “home icon” next to the logo in the top left to return to your dashboard.)


    3. Evaluation status key:

    1. Green bar/ green check icon: Evaluation has been completed – You can edit your evaluation until the evaluation window closes.
    2. Orange bar/ orange exclamation icon: Evaluation has been started. but is not complete – You can edit your evaluation until the evaluation window closes.
    3. Red bar/ red exclamation icon: Evaluation has not been started – You can edit your evaluation until the evaluation window closes


    4. Click the red exclamation point to begin evaluating a specific application.

    1. You might sign in before applications have been assigned to you – If you don’t see any applications available for review, they might not be available yet. A staff person at The Denver Foundation will alert you when applications are ready for evaluation.

    5. Complete Evaluation Form in side-by-side view. (Your evaluation form will be on the left, the application will be on the right.)


    6. Remember to save as you go to avoid losing work – You can pause during the evaluation and return to it later.

    7. Note: There is no “submit” button once you complete your evaluation. As long as you “save” and complete all required questions in the evaluation form, your evaluation will be considered “complete.”

    1. Saved evaluations will continue to be available until the evaluation window has closed. Don’t be confused by still seeing evaluations you have already submitted – This is intentional (Refer to Evaluation Status Key above.)


    8. Note: If your staff person at The Denver Foundation has let you know you can see other evaluators reviews, you can do so by following the steps below:

    1. On the “Your Evaluations” tab, click on the Project you are evaluating (ex: 2023 – Cycle 1 – Climate Equity Fund – (applicant organization)).


           b. On the “Evaluation 1” line, click on the pencil & paper icon to the right.


           c. The “Score” table will show you other evaluators’ evaluation scores.


Strengthening Neighborhoods

Because grants from Strengthening Neighborhoods (SN) do not require a 501(c)(3), they are hosted on a separate grant platform, TDF Grant Manager – Strengthening Neighborhoods and DESCI. TDF Grant Manager – Strengthening Neighborhoods and DESCI has a different registration process. We encourage you to watch the tutorial videos above before registration and application. To register to apply for a grant from Strengthening Neighborhoods or DESCI, please visit TDF Grant Manager – Strengthening Neighborhoods and DESCI.