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DESCI: Community Housing Program

The DESCI Community Housing Program

The DESCI Community Housing Program provides monthly portable rent subsidies to eligible Denver Public Schools’ employees, and retirees and members of their immediate families ages 60 and above.

Program participants receive a monthly rental subsidy up to $400 a month. If approved, the rent subsidy will be paid directly to the participant’s property owner/manager and may be used for any property in the Denver Metropolitan area, provided it meets The Denver Foundation’s criteria. The property owner/manager must agree in writing to accept the rent subsidy payment directly.

Rent subsidies are generally awarded in 24-month cycles. There is no limit to the number of times a participant may renew the subsidy, pending verification of continued eligibility.


Applicants must be Denver Public Schools’ employees, retirees, or members of their immediate families ages 60 and older. Immediate family is defined as a DPS employee’s /retiree’s spouse/partner, grandparents, parents, siblings, grandchildren, mothers- and fathers-in-law. The applicant must demonstrate financial need, defined by the current HUD “Very Low Income” limit for an individual or family. Applicants must provide documentation to verify income, eligibility, DPS relationship, and need.

View the full DESCI: Community Housing Program eligibility requirements.



DESCI started in 1953 as a grassroots effort to provide housing for older Denver Public Schools employees and retirees. DESCI incorporated as a nonprofit in 1957 and, assisted by a low-income housing loan from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), built a 12-story apartment complex off Cheesman Park.

After 50 years of operation (1963-2013) the building faced mounting maintenance and renovation expenses. After much consideration and input, the Board sold the building and created a housing subsidy fund at The Denver Foundation. The housing subsidy provides for more flexibility than ownership of a single building, and allows people to access support to stay in their current homes or have self-determination when choosing where to live.


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