Helen M. McLoraine Scholarship Program for Foster Care and Emancipating Youth

This scholarship program provides scholarships for youth who are in the foster care system and pursuing post-secondary education.


  • Were in the foster care system in Colorado for a minimum of 24 months between the ages of 13 and 21 (months do not need to have been consecutive, although the total should be 24 months before the scholarship deadline).
  • Applicants who meet this requirement AND are emancipated, were adopted at age 15 or older, or are participating in the Guardianship Assistance Program, Independent Living Arrangement, or similar programs are eligible to apply.
  • Will be age 25 or younger on September 1st
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Planning to attend an accredited trade or technical school, community college, or four-year college/university in the U.S. for the upcoming academic year.


Scholarships will be awarded once a year through a competitive process based on: 

  • academics 
  • scholastic potential  
  • resilience and persistence 

Additional information

Scholarship awards will be paid directly to a recipient’s educational institution and may be used for tuition, fees, and required books and supplies for the upcoming academic year. 

Automatic renewals for this scholarship do not take place, nor is awarding guaranteed because a recipient received the award previously. A student may re-apply for the opportunity if they have previously been awarded with a maximum of four years to receive funding. Awards may be used for part-time or full-time undergraduate study.  

Please note that award disbursement is contingent upon the outside scholarship policies of a recipient’s college or university. Awards must be used for the upcoming academic year. 

How to apply 

  1. Read through the eligibility to confirm you meet the requirements for the scholarship opportunity 
  2. Prepare and submit the following items: 
    1. Resume 
    2. Transcript 
    3. Two to three essays 
      1. Please describe what you would like to study in college, what inspired your interest in this area, and what you hope to achieve with this degree. 
      2. Describe a time when you had to advocate for yourself. What was the outcome? Please share one or two things you learned from the experience. 
      3. (Reapplicants only) How has this scholarship had an impact on your goals and plans for your future academic, professional, and/or personal life? 
    4. One community reference 
    5. Confirmation of Foster Care Dependency Form