The Denver Foundation Community Scholarship

Helping 1st generation BIPOC students through our own scholarship fund

The Denver Foundation Community Scholarship was established to support first-generation college students of color pursuing post-secondary education. 

The Denver Foundation is committed to racial equity and believes strongly in the power of education to change students’ futures. That’s why we created The Denver Foundation Community Scholarship to support students of color in pursuing higher education.


  • Individuals who are first-generation college students and identify as Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC)
  • Planning to enroll or are enrolled in a Colorado-accredited, nonprofit, post-secondary educational institution
  • Have a 2.25 cumulative GPA or higher
  • Demonstrate community involvement through work and/or volunteering


Recipients will be selected based on their academics, resilience and persistence, community service, leadership, and/or work experience.

Additional information

Four students will be selected as recipients and receive a one-time scholarship award of $5,000. Awards can be used for tuition, fees, books, room and board, and any additional cost of attendance expenses.

Renewal is not automatic for this award; however, previous recipients are encouraged to re-apply to the competitive process in subsequent years. All scholarships will be paid directly to a recipient’s school and must be used for the upcoming academic year.  Award disbursement is contingent upon the outside scholarship policies of a recipient’s college or university.  

How to apply 

  1. Read through the eligibility to confirm you meet the requirements for the scholarship opportunity 
  2. Prepare and submit the following items: 
    1. Resume 
    2. Transcript 
    3. Two essays 
      1. Please describe what you would like to study in college, what inspired your interest in this area, and what you hope to achieve with this degree. 
      2. Where and how do you show leadership in your day-to-day life/activities?