Denver Foundation November 2021 Ballot Measure Positions

October 25, 2021

For the first time in our history, The Denver Foundation (TDF) is creating a framework to guide its approach to engaging in public policy and advocacy efforts across the Metro Denver region. The development of a policy framework is a component of TDF’s Strategic Framework, which serves as our guiding light for the next decade. TDF’s decision to deepen our work in policy and advocacy stems from the feedback from the community, commitment to centering our work in racial equity, and an intention to catalyze systemic change in the region.

We look forward to sharing more about the policy framework with you in the months to come. 

Ballot measures are vital in the policymaking toolbox to address timely and relevant community issues. This upcoming November 2, voters will have the opportunity to make important policy decisions on state and local matters such as taxation, housing, transportation, and out-of-school education funding. 

All voters in Colorado will have the opportunity to weigh in on the following statewide ballot measures: 

Depending on where you live, you may have county or city-level ballot measures to consider. 

Through analysis and review of all the ballot measures voters in Metro Denver will consider, The Denver Foundation has decided to support and oppose the following ballot measures: 

November 2021 Ballot Measure Positions Graphic V2

Support, Denver: Referred Question 2B: Denver Housing and Sheltering Systems Bonds. This ballot measure increases the City and County of Denver’s debt by $38,600,000 via a general obligation bond to be used to make repairs and improvements to the Denver housing and sheltering system serving those experiencing homelessness. The Denver Foundation supports Referred Question 2B as it invests in housing and sheltering facilities that serve vulnerable populations experiencing homelessness.

Support, Denver: Referred Question 2C: Denver Transportation and Mobility System Bonds: This ballot measure increases the City and County of Denver’s debt by $63,320,000 via general obligation bond for bike and pedestrian projects, as well as road reconstruction and transportation safety improvements. The Denver Foundation supports Referred Question 2C as it invests in the multi-modal network through building new bike lanes and sidewalks and addressing neighborhood transportation safety.  

Support, Denver: Referred Question 2D: Denver Parks and Recreation System Bonds: 

This ballot measure increases the City and County of Denver’s debt by $54,070,000 to fund projects such as constructing a new park, replacing community parks playground infrastructure, and conducting park maintenance. The Denver Foundation supports Referred Question 2D invests in the maintenance of existing parks and increases access to green spaces in under-resourced communities. 

Oppose, Denver: Referred Question 2F: Repeal of Group Living Housing Ordinance: This ballot measure repeals Ordinance No. 2020-0888, which allows for five unrelated adults to live together, eases regulations and zoning requirements for residential care facilities, allows more opportunities to support the elderly, unhoused, and returning citizens. The Denver Foundation opposes repealing the Group Living Ordinance as the policy provides access to affordable housing options for those working in Denver. 

Oppose, Denver: Iniaitied Ordinance 304: Limit Sales and Use Tax: This ballot measure lowers the sales and use tax rate in Denver from 4.81% to 4.5%, and cap the overall sales tax rate at 4.5%. The Denver Foundation opposes Ordinance 304 as it challenges the will of voters

in approving public investments to address critical city issues. 

Resources on State and Local Ballot Measures

If you have more questions on the ballot measures you will encounter on this fall’s election, check out resources provided by state and local election offices, such as the Blue Book, to inform your decision on ballot measures. If you have questions on your voter registration status, please visit the Colorado Secretary of State’s website.

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