Youth mental health support

March 28, 2024

Colorado youth are facing a mental health crisis, which was accelerated by the pandemic. For many young people, school has become the only place where they can find the support they need. Unfortunately, our K-12 environments typically lack funding and resources to provide this care. The Denver Foundation is working to change that.

The Colorado Health Access Fund is a field of interest Fund managed by The Denver Foundation. Established in 2014 with an anonymous gift of $40 million, the fund is dedicated to improving health outcomes for Coloradans without adequate access to health care. The fund distributes grants to increase access to care and improve health outcomes for populations with needs across the state.

In 2023, one of those grants went to the TRAILS to Wellness program to support immediate school needs and the organization’s continued expansion in Colorado. TRAILS has created best-in-class professional materials and equipped school staff to deliver and sustain multitiered mental health supports that meet the needs of all students. The vision is for more than a one-time investment. This partnership is fueling the development of critical local infrastructure and positioning TRAILS’ for a leap forward. TRAILS’ goal is to secure public funding to scale and reach 25% of all students statewide. The future is bright for this innovative project.

This is one of the many ways our generous donors are helping students in K-12 schools.

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