ActivateWork: A Track Record of Achievement

June 5, 2024

ActivateWork, a Community Grants Program grantee, is a nonprofit recruiting, training, and coaching firm that connects employers to a diverse pool of exceptional talent. They help employers solve talent gaps by finding promising candidates who aspire to work in tech and preparing them to excel in new careers, like Oscar Santos.

Oscar Santos has a history of hard work, initiative, and willingness to learn. Early in his career, he applied those talents to retail positions, starting first as a cashier and eventually becoming a store manager. And although he enjoyed the responsibility of the role, he knew he wanted more.  

“Everyone from the director to the career development staff and instructors were always helpful and nice. ActivateWork is amazing.” – Oscar Santos

Growing up in Lima, Peru in a professionally oriented family, Oscar was innately curious and loved learning. After high school, he pursued a degree in economics from the University of Callao, which included some hardware computing classes.

He says he realized that a career in tech might offer him the stability and salary he was looking for. “I wanted to be in a job field with high demand and the opportunity to advance my career.”  

When a friend told him about ActivateWork’s tuition-free tech training, “I didn’t believe it at first! I’d looked at similar programs and they cost $10,000 to $15,000 for the same kinds of education.”

Oscar was also happy to learn that ActivateWork’s programs include employer partners that hire directly from their graduates for apprenticeships and permanent roles.

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“It makes such a huge difference in helping land a job. You’re not competing with thousands of other people for an open position.”  

Things weren’t always easy; while Oscar was interviewing, he relied on SNAP benefits which he says were very helpful during that time – but he knew his education and training would pay off – and it did with a paid apprenticeship at Credit Union of Colorado, an ActivateWork employer partner.  

Oscar credits the hands-on education from ActivateWork for a smooth transition to a new position, as well as the support he’s getting from Credit Union of Colorado.

“They’re providing me with tools to learn and everyone is so eager to help when I have questions. They’re as invested in my success as I am. I don’t know what I’d have done without ActivateWork,” says Oscar. “I’d encourage anyone who is interested in switching to a career in tech to apply for an ActivateWork program.”

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