Brothers Redevelopment: Providing, protecting, and preserving housing across Colorado

June 10, 2024

Pictured above: Jeff Martinez, president of Brothers Redevelopment, Inc.; and Dianne Primavera, Lieutenant Governor of Colorado

Joseph and Mary Lucero have called Southwest Denver home for nearly 60 years.

At 87 years old, Joseph found himself with diminishing vision, while Mary relied on a cane to walk. Their home had started to show signs of the years with the exterior paint and a couple of modifications it now needed in order for the Luceros to enter and exit their home safely.

The Luceros learned of Brothers Redevelopment, Inc. through their neighbor whose house was painted during a Paint-A-Thon Program. Their daughter helped them get in touch with the program and they have since seen upgrades to their own home.

“Our quality of life changed. We have an easier walk into the house, and we don’t have to worry about the house looking like it was going to come down.” - Joseph Lucero

Brothers Redevelopment painted the Lucero’s home, and shortly after, the Home Modification and Repair Program installed a brand-new ramp so the couple could easily access their home.

He said the volunteers did such a wonderful job. They’ve been receiving compliments ever since.

The story about the Lucero’s home speaks to the transformative power of community support and organizations like Brothers Redevelopment, whose commitment to ensuring older adults can age comfortably is seen in the smiles of Joseph and Mary.

Jeff Martinez is the president of Brothers Redevelopment, Inc.

Brothers Redevelopment is a long-established nonprofit organization based in Denver that provides housing and housing services for tens of thousands of low-income, older, and disabled residents in the state of Colorado.

“The most impactful way we fulfill our mission is through the provision of housing,” said Martinez. Brothers Redevelopment is a housing developer and housing provider that roots its work in affordability.

“Whether we’re building a new building to house people with brain injuries or we’re providing housing for seniors who can’t afford to maintain their own housing, we focus on the most vulnerable populations in 28 communities across the front range,” he said.

Additionally, Brothers Redevelopment partners with local governments to provide a whole host of housing services. Colorado Housing Connects helps people pay for rent or mortgage.

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Brothers Redevelopment – Grand Opening of Valor on the Fax

Home Modification and Repair Program helps people who need repairs or modifications to their homes. Paint-A-Thon partners with volunteers to paint people’s homes. All programs are part of Brothers Redevelopment work.

“It restores pride and ownership,” said Martinez. “It touches on their sense of being in the community.”

“We provide foreclosure counseling to negotiate things like a repayment,” continued Martinez. “We’ve been working in Globeville and Swansea neighborhoods for the past six years to build single-family homes that can be purchased by residents who have been displaced because of price, environmental injustice, or reconstruction of the highway.”

Brothers Redevelopment, along with a couple of partners, have delivered 10 new homes to families in those neighborhoods and have another four getting ready to sell, according to Martinez.

“Whether or not we show up with a paintbrush or we show up in a neighborhood to buy a parcel and develop new housing, that’s what we’re here to do,” said Martinez.

Last year Brothers Redevelopment completed more than 400 repairs or remodels. More than 40,000 people reached out to their programs for help. Brothers Redevelopment owns and manages 14 properties and manages other properties for different nonprofits. Last year, they helped paint more than 110 homes.

“We’re also going to surpass an important milestone we’re proud of this year,” explained Martinez. “The Paint-A-Thon will reach one million volunteer hours.”

“Every day we’re working to maintain our capacity and really solve the sustainability questions around housing. That’s who we are, and that’s who we intend to be.” - Jeff Martinez, president of Brothers Redevelopment, Inc.

Since 1971, Brothers Redevelopment Inc. has become synonymous with affordable, safe, and accessible housing solutions for Colorado’s low-income, older, and disabled residents.

Brothers describe itself as being uniquely equipped to address the region’s housing issues, including the emerging challenges of massive growth and development, affordable housing shortages, and an aging population that wants to age in place.

With the support of The Denver Foundation and its donors, Brothers Redevelopment is able to provide, protect, and preserve housing for tens of thousands of people in Colorado every year.

“The Denver Foundation has supported the work of Brothers Redevelopment by granting funds that have helped us provide housing navigation for the people who call us from all corners of Colorado.”

The Denver Foundation believes adequate, accessible housing is essential for a community to function. Affordable housing is a value we are proud to invest in. The Denver Foundation and its donors have been funding Brothers Redevelopment, Inc. for decades.

Photos courtesy: Brothers Redevelopment.