All In Mile High Fund

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On behalf of the City and County of Denver, The Denver Foundation is hosting the All In Mile High Fund, a fund to support the temporary housing resources and wraparound services offered to those experiencing unsheltered homelessness in our city.  

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Through the All In Mile High Fund, foundations and other donors can support Mayor Mike Johnston’s Homelessness Resolution Initiative and the nonprofits providing critical services. This fund will support wraparound services, like mental health care, substance misuse treatment, and workforce training, at the micro-communities and converted hotels to help strengthen the capacity of our nonprofit service providers.   

If you would like to learn more about Mayor Johnston’s Homelessness Initiative, visit the mayor’s website.

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Give by check:

If you want to give by check, please make them payable to The Denver Foundation with “All In Mile High Fund” in the check’s memo line or an attached note. Mail to:  The Denver Foundation, 1009 Grant Street, Denver, CO, 80203.



Mayor Johnston set an ambitious goal of housing 1,000 unsheltered Denverites while permanently closing those encampments by the end of 2023. The strategy relies on making temporary housing resources, like converted hotels and micro-communities, available to people coming from encampments with a robust suite of wraparound services. 

According to the 2023 Point in Time count, more than 1,400 Denver residents are unsheltered and living outdoors without access to basic housing and services—a nearly 300% increase since 2019. The strategy relies on four key strategies: 

  1. Preventing homelessness: allocating funds to rental assistance and eviction prevention programs to keep individuals and families stably housed.
  2. Transitional housing: converting hotels and scaling the implementation of micro-communities that offer trauma informed, individualized spaces with a sense of stability, safety and community.
  3. Wraparound services: comprehensive case management, housing navigation, substance misuse, and behavioral, mental and physical health treatment, as well as workforce training and navigation. (The House100 Fund will support these efforts.)
  4. Housing stability: connecting individuals with permanent housing solutions and providing ongoing support as needed. 


If you have questions about the All In Mile High Fund, or if you are a funder interested in supporting these efforts, please contact Joshua Posner, director of strategic initiatives at the Office of the Mayor at the City and County of Denver. 

Additional Resources

For individuals and organizations interested in donating items or volunteering to support those experiencing homelessness, you can find more information on the City and County of Denver Take Action webpage. 

For individuals who are seeking a home, shelter, or services to keep you in your home at Resident Resources – City and County of Denver ( and at the Denver housing and homelessness guide.

The Mayor’s Office is placing people from encampments in their micro-communities and shelters. Through this process, the outreach teams identify individuals living in encampments, gets to know them and their needs, pairs them with a housing resource, and helps plan a moving day for the entire encampment.

For individuals not living in one of the encampments, the city is directing those individuals to local congregate shelters here: Find Shelter – City and County of Denver (